All Males Reserved


Dark Green – Sold — ‘Padrino’

Black – Sold — ‘Bruno’

Grey: — Sold — ‘ ‘

Dark Blue – Sold — ‘ ‘


Mr. Brown has the fluffiest coat of any of the pups. I’m not sure if that will be a long term trait, but it certainly makes him stand out. He is on the larger end of the size spectrum and very friendly but not obsessive about affection. Neither bold nor skittish, Mr. Brown is a solid middle of the pack pup – which is what we like to see. He’s my oldest son’s favorite puppy, so that’s an important vote for Mr. Brown.

Light Blue:

Mr. L.Blue is the lightest male, but has a lovely structure that is harder to see in the hefty males. With a litter so large, some pups will naturally fall on the lower or higher end of the gradient, but they all end up in breed standard. Some small dogs will surpass their larger litter mates. Light blue has wonderful pigment in his features, a solid and stable personality and an easy going disposition. His face is lovely – from ear set to eye placement and shape. He has no problem being on the lower end of the size spectrum and is never bossed or bullied, though I would place him as one of the least dominant pups. The same was said of his mother as a pup, who is now (according to UPS) our most intimidating dog (she’s also a love).

Light Green:

Mr. L.Green is a solid pup. Because his collar looked too much like the yellow female’s, I had him confused for some time – that’s an indication of another ‘middle of the pack’ pup. Which is a good thing! A dog that doesn’t deviate from standard is a great choice. Light Green started off on the lighter end of the scale and has begun to experience his growth spurt. He has a classic head, a nice form and a stable personality. L. Green is the least dominant pup at this time, but while writing this the pups are 9 weeks old and that can change rapidly. My favorite quality about L.Green is his adaptability – he accepts new goats, chickens and ducks with an appropriate amount of interest and then allows them their space.


Mr. Orange has that spark in his eye. From early on he caught our attention and we have debated retaining him. He has the same expression as our retained girl, Pink, and it’s the spark we see in their dam’s eyes. Yes, he is a little bolder and yes, a little friendlier, both non-standard first choice traits. He’s mid spectrum for weight and his head set is lovely. Sometimes you just have a feeling, and this is one of those times.