Artemis: Goddess of the moon and hunting, childbirth, animals and the protector of young women.


Our first Maremma, Artemis was purchased from Ravenwood Cashmere in Spokane, Washington. She was born in March of 2014 and moved onto our farm just a few weeks after we first did. Ravenwood has been a fabulous mentor to us and is still a wonderful resource.

Artemis was lucky enough to begin mentoring under an experienced LGD when she was about 8 months old. While we had been training her since arrival, the addition of an adult LGD made a huge difference in her behavior and refocused her attention on the stock and pastures as opposed to wanting us to visit.

She is now mentoring our new Maremma, Fortinbras, part-time, though he will ultimately be partnered with our neutered male.

Artemis protects our entire farm – goats, chickens, ducks, cats, children and adults. During kidding season she always walks me from my front door down the long drive to the barn and back during my nighttime doe checks, which is greatly appreciated. This summer we witnessed her leaping into the air toward a Barred Owl that was investigating our chickens one evening. She is truly remarkable and simply the best dog we’ve ever known.

Here is our guardian dog, Artemis at 8 weeks, the day we brought her home:



At 15 weeks:


5 months old:


Artemis at 7-8 months old:

artemis oct

More Photos:


IMG_6048IMG_6049 artemis (2)IMG_6053


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