Our eldest Lamancha buck is Barnowl Asgard.  Asgard in an orange and cream buck, born in 2014 out of Barnowl Dairy Goats. He is the sweetest goat on the farm and loves scratches. His pedigree is outstanding, his dam CH Barnowl Avalon appraised at FS92 EEEE (barnowl page). His sire is *B Alder*Rose Chinook, a handsome fellow out of champion lines (barnowl page) rated FS89 EVV. At age 3, Asgard has really come into his own and is looking better than ever.

Examples of his adult daughters in our herd are Devil Goat Witch Hazel, Devil Goat Trillium, Devil Goat So Tempestuous and Devil Goat Queen Zixi of Ix. Hazel and Tilly were freshened for the first time this year and have the most phenomenal udders that even surpass their dam’s udder – as first fresheners. We are overjoyed with what he’s brought to the milkiness and udder structure in our herd.

Photos of dam’s udder here.

Our junior buck is the long awaited (seriously, we waited 3 years for a Lucky Star buck) Lucky*Star’s GE Humphrey B. While still filling out, we did have a few select breedings in Fall and were blessed with one gorgeous doeling and several adorable and fast growing wethers to pet homes.

Humphrey’s dam is Superior Genetics Lucky Star’s LB Elke 6*M LA 89. As if that mouthful isn’t enough – superior genetics, 6*M and 89 on her first appraisal, Elke is out of (and destined for) even greater does. The Vivian line of Lucky Star is quite special, Vivian appraised at FS94 EEEE – the top appraisal score and one of only a handful of does that can make that claim. Elke is on track this year to milk out over 3,000 pounds of milk! 

Humphrey’s sire is Goat-San Eureka and brings in a lot of fresh genetics to our northwest dominant herd genetics. Lots of Kastdemur’s, he was linebred on 2 time National Champion Evian E E E E 94 and brings yet more potential to Humphrey.

We are especially excited about his head structure, topline and overall strength of build that he is bringing to our herd. All his boys inherited his perfect nose and we hope to see even more of that in the coming years.

Photos of dam’s udder here.