LaManchas for Sale:

Devil Goat Trillium— $350

born 3/23/15


Devil Goat Baba Yaga¬† — $300

born 3/20/15


Devil Goat So Tempestuous (in milk) + doeling  Р$700

Tempe: born 3/14/16 :

doeling born 6/16/20:

$700 for pair


Devil Goat Ravenna (pet home*)

born 6/18/16

*this doe is special needs due to an old leg injury and is looking for a quality pet home.


Devil Goat Lucky Charm – $300

I had planned to grow this guy up a little more and use him next year for breeding, but our buck pasture is too full. He is gorgeous with a lot of potential. Picture Pending

Dam: Devil Goat So Tempestuous

Sire: Lucky*Star’s GE Humphrey B (out of Vivian line)

born 6/18/19

Nigerians for Sale:

Devil Goat WH Artois & Devil Goat WH Isolde – $500

born 6/15/18


Camanna CB White Hart – $150

born 2/5/16