We are allowing a large number of our animals for sale this year, as we have decided to postpone opening our Goat Dairy and Creamery for the foreseeable future. The hope is to to re-evaluate when our youngest starts school!

We’ve held onto a number of amazing animals in anticipation of starting our business, and many will be available now, regardless of how much we adore them. We just have too many animals and simply can’t afford to keep them all for another year and would like to find them valuable homes. We are going to be picky about some of these placements.


Nigerian Dwarf:

  • Multiple Nigerian Dwarf does – 4 years old – excellent breeders and milkers! $250 a pair (only in pairs)
  • Yearling Nigerian Dwarf does – several available – $200 each- pics to follow!

Maremma Dogs:

*prices updated