Purebred Maremma, neutered male, born 9/21/17 available to the right working home.

This livestock guardian dog is safe with goats, poultry, water fowl, cats, children and the like. He is extremely protective of his territory with unknown humans so he makes a wonderful farm guardian as well.

Milo was born on our farm and sold at 12 weeks of age to a working farm. Because he developed cherry eye in one eye he was returned to our farm 3 months later. We have kept him here, giving him stability and training since.

He’s a large male, 125 pounds, and is in perfect health aside from a cherry in one eye which does not effect his vision or eye function. For his owners, he is a lap baby and nothing but kisses. For strangers, he can be pretty terrifying!

He gets along with all our dogs and livestock including poultry, baby animals, puppies and human children.  But he is wary and protective around humans and we are seeking a home within 4 hours of here. We hope to transport him ourselves and assist in his transition. He is very treat oriented and easily trained, he’s a sweetheart of a pup but a fabulous LGD.

We want Milo to find the home he never has to leave, and need him to have canine friends. We do have Maremma pups available that he could train, and would give a discount on him if you purchased a companion.

Milo is listed at available to the right home if placed with a puppy.