Although we have held on to these does when others were sold for a few years now, we are allowing them for sale due to our major herd reduction. These Nigerian Dwarf does are great milkers – they are not a cup a day gals that quit after a few months. These does handled once a day milking last year from freshening and milked a full 8+ months, which is rare for NDs. I love all four and am only selling them because of our major herd reduction. We can’t afford to house and feed them all this year.

These does were all sired by Camanna RM Moonlight Elvis. His dam -SGCH Camanna CS Moonlight Sonata 1*M is well known and rates FS91EEE. These does are passing on incredible genetics and at 4 years old are actually in their peak of production. These does can bring a great deal of genetic potential to your herd and are broke to the milk stand and ready to breed (breeding available).

Devil Goat Heavenly

Devil Goat Celestial

Devil Goat Andromeda

Devil Goat Calypso

These does are available in pairs for $250 a pair. Breeding available at $40 a piece (discount from our rate of $65).