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2015 Breeding Schedule – Nigerians

We have purchased a wonderful buckling out of Camanna’s Petite Paradise, a beautiful chamoise buckling out of a set of triplet bucks! He’s got a great pedigree to back him up with proven dam and sire. We can’t wait to… Continue Reading →

2015 Breeding Schedule – LaManchas

*This is Barnowl’s photo   We are pleased to announce that we have purchased a buckling from Barnowl Dairy Goats this fall for our Spring 2015 LaMancha kids!   Barnowl Asgard is an orange and white American LaMancha born March… Continue Reading →

2014 Apple Harvest

We used our new apple press and grinder for the first time this weekend (from Pleasant Hill Grain). Check out the highlights in the photo gallery below.

Herdshare – the easy way to own a dairy goat

There are a lot of people interested in drinking fresh, local goat milk in the Portland/ Hillsboro metro areas. And obviously most people can’t put a goat in their back yard, let alone breed it, help it deliver kids and… Continue Reading →

Why LaManchas? And what’s with the ears?

Everyone seems to be familiar with the Nubian goat and those long floppy ears; the sight of these earless goats is something that takes a while to get used to. The head of LaMancha should have enough character to make… Continue Reading →

Milk Jars and Lids

I’ve put a lot of thought into milk bottles over the last 6 months. More research than I can quantify -a lot of comparison shopping. I’m sure every dairy has done the same thing – seems like a good idea… Continue Reading →

Proper Milk Handling Procedures

For people who raise a few dairy goats for home use, there are a lot of differing opinions on how to properly handle and store milk. Some of this information came from their parents or grandparents – or from years… Continue Reading →

New Herd Members

We’ve raised Nigerians for years and have spent a long time discussing which “big girls” we would like to get for our Grade A Creamery. The milk is the deciding factor, and there are surprisingly few choices in breed out… Continue Reading →

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