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Herdshare – the easy way to own a dairy goat

There are a lot of people interested in drinking fresh, local goat milk in the Portland/ Hillsboro metro areas. And obviously most people can’t put a goat in their back yard, let alone breed it, help it deliver kids and… Continue Reading →

Why LaManchas? And what’s with the ears?

Everyone seems to be familiar with the Nubian goat and those long floppy ears; the sight of these earless goats is something that takes a while to get used to. The head of LaMancha should have enough character to make… Continue Reading →

Milk Jars and Lids

I’ve put a lot of thought into milk bottles over the last 6 months. More research than I can quantify -a lot of comparison shopping. I’m sure every dairy has done the same thing – seems like a good idea… Continue Reading →

Proper Milk Handling Procedures

For people who raise a few dairy goats for home use, there are a lot of differing opinions on how to properly handle and store milk. Some of this information came from their parents or grandparents – or from years… Continue Reading →

New Herd Members

We’ve raised Nigerians for years and have spent a long time discussing which “big girls” we would like to get for our Grade A Creamery. The milk is the deciding factor, and there are surprisingly few choices in breed out… Continue Reading →

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