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Great tasting goat milk

We’ve had a lot of guests to the farm that are leery of trying our goat milk, but once they do they are amazed at it’s lack of goatiness. If you’ve ever had farm fresh milk of any kind you’ll… Continue Reading →

A little more about us…

With the influx of new customers have come some great questions – and we’d love to share as much about ourselves as possible with those drinking our milk. First, about the goats. The health of our goats is of top… Continue Reading →

Goats in the wild

Our LaMancha kids are about two months old and while they’re still taking bottles of goat milk a few times a day, they are capable of sustaining themselves on a regular diet of forage, hay and a little grain. These… Continue Reading →

Fresh, raw goat milk now available for purchase

Spring is in full effect in the Pacific Northwest and we are overflowing with delicious goat milk. Devil Goat Farm is a small goat dairy located near Vernonia, Oregon. We raise LaMancha and Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats for milk and… Continue Reading →

Baby goats!

As of April 12th, 2015 we have 14 baby goats at Devil Goat Farm. See our LaMancha and Nigerian kid pages for specifics on the kids… We have 2 Nigerian Dwarf goats left to kid, both first fresheners due in… Continue Reading →

Preparing for Winter

As the harvests fade and the milk volumes dwindle, we prepare ourselves for the leaner days of winter. In this time of convenient supermarkets the situation isn’t dire, but it is sad to think of store bought milk, no more… Continue Reading →

2015 Breeding Schedule – Nigerians

We have purchased a wonderful buckling out of Camanna’s Petite Paradise, a beautiful chamoise buckling out of a set of triplet bucks! He’s got a great pedigree to back him up with proven dam and sire. We can’t wait to… Continue Reading →

2015 Breeding Schedule – LaManchas

*This is Barnowl’s photo   We are pleased to announce that we have purchased a buckling from Barnowl Dairy Goats this fall for our Spring 2015 LaMancha kids!   Barnowl Asgard is an orange and white American LaMancha born March… Continue Reading →

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