We have a pair of special needs does that are available to the right home:

Devil Goat Ravenna, a jet black sweetheart 3 yo LaMancha doe who was a star in our herd until an injury caused partial blindness. She is a non-breeder ready to go to a forever home with no bucks. She gets around fine, she just suffers from distance vision issues. She is an easy keeper and extremely friendly.

Devil Goat Belladonna, another special needs doe who we have never bred. She is also 3 yo and was from a set of quads- Bella has a perforation in her cleft palate and cannot be bred. She is very sweet and healthy and in 3 years has never had any respiratory issues.

This pair – Bella and Raven are available to a proven home under agreement to not breed or expose to bucks. These sweet does will make amazing pasture pets and can be paired with wethers, which we will also have available in August. Happy to discuss the price to the right home.

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