We’ve held on to this pair because they are an amazing breeding and capacious, strong milkers. This is one of our most difficult sales.

Kikimora and Galadriel are out of Tideland Zinfandel x Barnowl Asgard and are both strong milkers with large udders. They each give a gallon a day easily, and have both been milked at once a day milking for over the 12 month mark. Galadriel has a larger udder and a sweet temperament – her long eyelashes are endearing and she enjoys kisses and face scratches. She’s an easy milker and very obedient, she was born in 2015. The sale price reflects her quality and her age, and the fact that her twin sister Kiki is less obedient on the milk stand. She dances some, but calms down in the season. Kiki is also nervous around small children, though around 6-7 and up she has no issue.

They’ve both always thrown twins with no assistance, of varying colors – sundgau, pure white, cream, and chamoisee and that’s all bred to the same buck. Kiki has wattles and her kids always do also.


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