Tideland A Fine Frenzy

Devil Goat So Tempestuous


First, I want to say that these two are not for sale. Because that is what I’m used to saying to everyone. However, we have come to the conclusion that their happiness is more important than our satisfaction and comfort in keeping them.

Like mother, like daughter, they eschew large crowds. Our barn is too busy for their supreme comfort, which they both deserve.  Frenzy, because she is an older doe – born in 2012. However she is still giving me gorgeous, conforming does and milking over a year at once a day with a greater volume than almost anyone in the barn. Frenzy deserves all the credit for our great genetics, but what she wants is a smaller herd. She’s shy, but able. Did I mention she’s also a gorgeous chocolate and white?

Her daughter is also, and even more vibrant. She is an able milker with the tightest attachments in my herd. This would be a no brainer keeper if, like Frenzy her dam, she weren’t hard to keep in my very large herd. She has feelings, and I respect them.

I’d love for someone to have two gorgeous chocolate and white does with capacious udders and great genetics. They are both in milk and I can procure pictures.

Pair is $700


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