Barnowl Asgard is a handsome, mature 3 year old buck with an incredible pedigree behind him. He is ready to work right now! Almost every doe in our LaMancha line is a daughter of his and we have no reason to hold on to him besides his sweet personality. Too many bucks is never a great idea, so we are listing him for sale at this time for $400. (More info)


His dam is Barnowl Avalon ( who was last appraised at FS91 EEEE. She has an incredible mammary and Asgard’s daughters have shown they carry the tradition.

His sire is *B Alder*Rose Chinook, a handsome fellow out of champion lines (barnowl page) rated FS89 EVV.


At age 3 1/2, Asgard has really come into his own and is looking quite mature.



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