We’re rebuilding and re-branding our web presence in anticipation of beginning work on our dairy and creamery building later this year. Bear with us as we add more content regarding what we’ve done and where we’re headed. And of course baby goats!


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Farm Happenings

Kidding Season 2018

  Devil Goat ME Fuzzy Lumpkins x New Creations HM Total Eclipse 6/1/2018 – twin does ***************************************************************************************** Devil Goat ME Andromeda x Camanna CB White Hart 6/1/2018 – twin does ************************************************************************************** Barnowl Ariena x Lucky Read more…

Farm Happenings

Product Photos

Semi-Hard Cheeses: (L-R) Tomme, Gouda, ‘Plum Drunk’ Bloomy Blue Chevre (f), Brie de Melun (r)   Brie de Meaux   Feta:    Washed Rind:   Marble Blue Gouda: Fresh Goat Milk: