Some nice quotes from us in this article in Culture Magazine about our wonderful LGDs.

“First and foremost, Maremmas aren’t lapdogs. They are workers, and their top priority is protecting any livestock entrusted to them, not pleasing humans. But this independence and confidence in their own decision-making is exactly why they are ideal guard dogs on large farms where they don’t get constant instruction and feedback. They are, however, deeply loyal to their owners. If socialized from a young age, they can be affectionate and very protective of their pack, while still wary of strangers. “She particularly loves baby animals and children—she is present for every goat birth and loves to clean the babies . . . [But] she can be quite fearsome looking to strangers that approach the gate without permission,” says Jessica Hussman, co-owner of Devil Goat Farm in Buxton, Ore., about Artemis, one of her Maremmas.”

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